Discover the Multi-Sport Camp in San Ramon, CA

Are you looking for summer camps offered by the baseball clubs in San Ramon, CA? If you are looking for something different, there is no need to worry. The City of San Ramon is proud to offer a multi-sport camp in Central Park for more than a decade. The founder of the program, Joyce Bonasera, has 10 years of experience teaching tennis in San Ramon as a recreational coach and in high school. The campers are accompanied to their classes from our extended morning care center (included in tuition) and then meet after class to meet with their camping groups. During our evening program, major activities such as horse riding, boating, swimming, archery, skateboarding and biking are offered.

Campers will have a great time enjoying an afternoon of exciting camping activities and bonding time with their friends and the camp counselor. Participants may be thrilled to see their favorite member of the Little Dribblers San Ramón youth sports team working at this camp to provide fun and adventure. During the months of July and August, the Adventure Day Camp in Dorris-Eaton only offers an afternoon option for campers participating in the Dorris-Eaton enrichment program. Your registration cannot be processed until your child completes a skills assessment or the provider waives the skills assessment. We will reserve your place for five days. If the skill assessment has not been completed or has not been completed within five days of the date of your order, the activity or camp you booked will be automatically canceled.

For the specified price, Skyhawks offers you the possibility to rent the equipment necessary to participate in this program. Founded in 1973, San Ramon FC (SRFC) is a nonprofit soccer club and one of the few clubs across the country to receive the Players First designation from U. S. Club Soccer. During his time in San Ramón, he has trained the best youth and adult NTRP players in Northern California. So if you are looking for summer camps offered by baseball clubs in San Ramon, CA then you should definitely consider enrolling your child in this multi-sport camp.

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