Which Baseball Club Has Produced the Most Professional Players from San Ramon, CA?

San Ramón, California is a hotbed of baseball talent, boasting a number of teams in the Arizona Winter League and the Gold Baseball League. In the first three years of the Arizona Winter League, more than 130 players have signed professional contracts. The Gold Baseball League was an independent baseball league based in San Ramón, California, with teams located in the western United States, western Canada and northwestern Mexico. The Oakland Oaks have been one of the most successful teams in producing professional players from San Ramón. The Oaks were a minor league baseball team from Oakland, California, that played in the Pacific Coast League from 1903 to 1955. They played their home games at Freeman's Park, on 59th Street and St.

Paul Avenue, and at Recreation Park in San Francisco. After the 1912 season, the Oaks opened their new stadium, called Oakland Ball Park (or simply Oaks Park), although it was located in the neighboring city of Emeryville, on San Pablo and Park Avenues. The team's owner, Ewing, also owned the San Francisco Seals, allowing clubs to share their baseball stadiums on several occasions without problems. However, the leaders of organized baseball eventually made Ewing choose one or the other, and he ceded his interests in the Oakland club. In 1916, a struggling Oaks team made history by (without realizing it) breaking the color line of professional baseball, when Jimmy Claxton pitched at both ends of a double day on May 28th. Dressen returned to coaching the major leagues in 1955, taking over on the bench of the Washington Senators and giving way to the legend of the San Francisco Seals, Lefty O'Doul, in Oakland.

The GBL, later the North American League, had two small educational leagues that helped train future independent, minor league and even major league baseball players. The Japanese team arrived late as well; Toros de Tijuana jumped from the Mexican League to the GBL in December to be founding members of the league. However, they were not allowed to join due to government regulations in Baja California. The tournament ended with San Diego winning two games on the final day and claiming the title. For those looking to pursue a career in professional baseball from San Ramón, California there are many options available. The Oakland Oaks have produced some of the most successful professional players from this area. Two-time World Series champion Sergio Romo is one example of a successful player who has come out of this region.

Other notable players include Jimmy Claxton who broke color barriers in 1916 and Lefty O'Doul who was a legend for his time with the San Francisco Seals. Aspiring baseball players from San Ramón should set simple goals for themselves such as getting good grades and playing college baseball at a high level. With hard work and dedication these goals can be achieved and can lead to a successful career in professional baseball.