Do Baseball Clubs in San Ramon, CA Have a Team for Players from Different Schools?

Are you looking for a baseball team in San Ramon, CA that brings together players from different schools? If so, the Danville Hoots Baseball Club is the perfect choice. This elite group of high school players from Northern California competes at the highest level in summer baseball and has already earned Division 1 college scholarship offers and verbal engagements with top baseball schools across the country. The Hoots team is comprised of more than 20 of the best East Bay players, 18 years of age or younger, from 10 local high schools. Some of these schools have a Hall of Fame (HOF), while others don't.

Amador Valley, one of the oldest schools in the league, joined a few years ago and it has been a pleasure to see some of the names that have been honored. By this measurement, the Danville Hoots team has performed extremely well, as nearly all of its players in recent years have gone on to play baseball in college. One of the people who participated in the event as an organizer was Guy Houston, a graduate of the San Ramón Valley. He shared that he actually lived in Monte Vista, part of the San Ramón Valley School District, and said his life changed forever when he went to SRV because he eventually married his high school sweetheart, Kathy Calhoun. The Hoots also offer a non-competitive development program during fall baseball season that focuses on developing the skills every child needs to succeed in the next spring baseball season.

The team will face seven other major teams in the hope of winning a spot in the regional tournament. Practices will be on Fridays and Saturdays. In conclusion, if you are looking for a team for players from different schools in San Ramon, CA, then you should consider joining the Danville Hoots Baseball Club. Despite what the team finishes at the end of the summer, they will undoubtedly continue to be a force of amateur baseball in the East Bay for many years to come.